Sprayfoam 2020 Convention & Expo: Event TOU

Sprayfoam Show Annual Convention & Expo Terms Conditions & Policies 

By registering for the SPFA Convention & Expo, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to and be bound by the following terms, conditions and policies:


Each and every SPFA Convention & Expo registrant/attendee/exhibitor is subject to the following notice and registration requirements:

To secure attendance at any of the SPFA Convention events, including the Exhibitor Hall, Break-Out Sessions and other scheduled SPFA Convention related business and social activities, you must have in your possession an SPFA issued ID badge bearing your name and that of your company/employer.  Every Convention attendee and exhibitor must register or be registered in his or her own name and is strictly prohibited from making use of the ID badge of any another person registered or attending for the Convention. 

Spouses of registrants/attendees/exhibitors  who will be participating in Convention/Sprayfoam Show related events must be registered as spouses and pay the applicable registration fee. These individuals with a "Spouse" ticket must actually be the spouse of the registered attendee, otherwise both the registrant, and the "false spouse" will have their event credentials revoked and be removed from the event.

Any individual who makes use of the ID badge of another Convention registrant or who is not registered in his or her name will be denied access to the Convention and the events which comprise the SPFA Convention & Expo.

Registration at a reduced SPFA member rate will be subject to membership verification.

Changes or substitutions to registrations can be made on-site at the SPFA registration desk and may be subject to a cancellation or substation fee.

Date Collection:

By registering for the SPFA Convention & Expo you herby grant your consent to the SPFA’s or its designated agent’s collection and storage of the date on the registration form in the United States.

Age Limits:

No one under the age of 18 years of age is permitted in the Exhibit Hall or Break-out Sessions.

Photography Disclaimer:

At various times and locations throughout the Sprayfoam Show / Convention & Expo, the SPFA and its designated contractor(s) record, photograph and/or stream various aspects, events and activities for SPFA archival, promotional and marketing purposes.  By attending and/or registering for the Convention & Expo, attendees/registrants grant to the SPFA and its designated contractor(s) permission to use any attendee’s/registrant’s voice and image in any such archival, promotional or marketing recording, photograph or streaming activity without any compensation or credit to the attendee/registrant.

Recording Policy: Audio, Video, Streaming and Photography:

By registering for and/or attending the Sprayfoam Show / SPFA Convention & Expo, you hereby acknowledge and grant your consent to the SPFA’s Audio / Video Policy. Photography and/or recording (including audio and video) during SPFA Convention & Expo is allowed for personal and private use only, and such photos and/or recordings are the exclusive property of the SPFA. In addition, any such photos and/or recordings of Exhibits in the Exhibit Hall may require the permission of the Exhibitor. Photos and/or recordings cannot be copied, altered, sold, exhibited or further distributed without the SPFA's prior written consent. SPFA retains the right to revoke its consent. No disruptions due to photography and/or recording shall be tolerated and violators may lose attendance privileges.  Photography and/or recording are prohibited in SPFA Break-Out Session rooms, General Sessions, social networking events, etc. Streaming at the SPFA Convention & Expo is strictly prohibited except for those under contract with the SPFA.

Absolutely no "virtual person" or "virtual attendee" via streaming video or onsite recording/streaming device (such as a telepresence entity or "robot") are permitted access to any SPFA Sprayfoam Show sanctioned events.

Audio/Visual Policy:

As a condition of registration and/or attendance at the SPFA Convention & Expo, each registrant and/or attendee agrees to be bound by the following Audio / Video Policy and acknowledges his/her/its understanding that they/their organization receive(s) limited permission to make still photograph, video and sound recordings/films of portions of Exhibits. Attendees/registrants agree to all of the following conditions and represent that they are authorized to bind their organization to these conditions. SPFA reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time.


The use of artificial lighting when the room is darkened for projection or computer display purposes is prohibited.


Organizations will be responsible for any charges which may be imposed at the Palm Springs Convention Center because of or related to filming or taping.


SPFA is the sole owner of the rights to stream or make all photos, audio and video recordings at the SPFA Convention & Expo.


SPFA may limit, at its sole discretion, the locations, times and subjects for video and audio recordings and photographs.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the above policies please contact SPFA.